Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies face a marketing environment with tremendous fragmentation across customers–the consumer is the patient, but the decision maker is a physician, and the payer is typically a third-party – and with a limited commercial window in which to maximize sales outcomes. In this environment, effective sales and marketing choices are essential to make the most of each product opportunity. We help pharmaceutical and biotech firms address a broad range of sales and marketing issues, including:

Commercialize New Products Successfully

  • Assess market opportunity for proposed new products, including sales forecasting and market definition
  • Create and implement a new product launch strategy, including value proposition development for each proposed customer group

How can Synergynetsoft help

Synergynetsoft has on-going commitment to pharmaceutical sector by serving clients with a profound technical knowledge and insight into industry models and their exclusive requirements. Synergynetsoft's expert knowledge, provides not only strategic visions but also a practical and technical methodology to help companies deal with existing challenges. Synergynetsoft’s pharmaceutical consultancy services includes supporting firms on establishing strategic priorities and strategy implementation, developing marketing & sales infrastructure, strengthening manufacturing excellence & process transformation initiatives, selection of right automation initiatives in the value chain, facilitating development of an innovation portfolio, creating a thinking mind set & improving success rate of new product introductions, designing of world class facilities and developing robust infrastructure to deliver on quality compliance among others. Synergynetsoft’s cutting edge insights, robust methodologies, vast experiences and knowledge base has enabled its client’s unparalleled success and unique competitive advantage in their market place. Synergynetsoft is hence, reckoned as a world class pharmaceutical consulting firm by clients and industry bodies.

Pharmacy Supplies

Save time and money by ordering essential pharmacy supplies from Synergynetsoft. We offer a complete line of products and materials to support a hospital’s pharmacy. Ordering is easy and convenient, as these products can be combined with your regular orders. We stock both value-priced, as well as premium lines of prescription containers for every budget and need.

  • Prescription containers and accessories
  • Pharmacy bags
  • Punch-card packaging
  • Prescription labels
  • Tape, accessories and more

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